How to Pray for the ‘Hobby Lobby’ Case

US Supreme CourtOn March 25, 2014 the United States Supreme Court hears the Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood case against the Obamacare requirement that employers provide abortion-inducing drugs as part of their health insurance, in spite of religious objections of company owners. The results of this case will have far reaching effects on all business owners of faith, and is more than just about health care. If business owners are forced to violate their conscience on this issue, then the legal argument WILL be extended to every other area of the business.

You’ve probably been reminded to pray on the day of the Supreme Court hearing for the case, but I would urge you to pray over the next three months. While the arguments before the court are heard on one day, the justices actually vote on and write the court’s decision and reasoning later on. It is these parts of the process where Christians really need to petition the Lord for favor.

  • Pray for the Lord to soften the hearts of justices toward religious liberty.
  • Pray that the fundamental right to freedom of conscience to tip the balance against the right to free birth control or abortifacients.
  • Pray for the religious liberty of all Americans, including business owners.