About Us

Our goals are to encourage and come alongside parents in the education and discipleship of their children, and to equip Christians for effective and ethical citizenship. To do this, we are committed to

  • Providing commentary on current events from a biblical perspective, designed to encourage and equip Christian families to understand scripture and to live out their faith (Faith & Family Blog);
  • Providing excellent educational experiences through public talks and workshops on family discipleship and citizenship topics, offered to the Christian community at a reasonable price (Worldview & Apologetics Seminars / Speaking Engagements on Variety of Topics);
  • Developing and providing tools for effective and ethical citizenship.
  • Consolidating useful links of worldview and apologetics, family, and citizenship for Christian families (page being updated).

Who is behind Legacy Academic?
This website is the brainchild of Dr. Peter W. Wielhouwer, who lives near Kalamazoo, Michigan. A committed Christian in the Evangelical tradition, Peter’s heart is to equip parents with knowledge and tools to effectively disciple their children in the Christian faith, following a modern understanding of ancient paths, so that future generations will know about the amazing works and grace of God, and live out lives of faith to grow the kingdom of God on earth  until Jesus returns.